There is something to be optimistic about. A change is coming. A change in how we capture the sun's energy that will increase the percentage that Solar Power will hold in the world's future.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go where there is no path, and leave a trail."


Why Solar Power, in its current form, will never work to its highest potential.

Whether you already have photovoltaic panels on your roof or are starting to think about installing solar panels, the following facts and questions still hold true.

Look out the window or take a walk outside.
Is it sunny or cloudy today?
Are there any leaves lying on your roof?
Is there snow covering your panels or where those panels may be mounted?
Is the sun facing directly toward your panels?
During the day is the sun at its highest peak directly above your home or building?
Were you able to get up on your roof and clean your panels recently?
Do you have a battery to handle any of your captured energy?
What is the rated efficiency of your panels?
Are you still dependant on the electrical grid for some or most of your power needs?

Whether you have already installed your photovoltaic panels or are thinking about “going green”, we think we can help you help the planet, and save you money. Our design will use less material to capture the energy, collect 2-4 times more power for the next 20-30 years, and save you from purchasing extra batteries, inverters, roof rakes, installation costs, and mounting brackets and hardware.

Please email us for more information or to offer your assistance in helping us get the word out. For those seeking to be green we can make you greener. For those seeking to save power costs we can increase your savings. For those looking to lower their carbon footprint or carbon bubble we can help. Email:


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